I love to create, to visualise stories through character design, storyboards and illustration, and to put these in motion as animatics and animation.

I normally start with pencils on paper, as this allows a free flow of ideas, to then work with digital tools for the unbounded possibilities that these offer.

I am equally at ease with cartoony and realistic characters, imaginary or real-life environments, and I design with a cinematographic approach for the choice of shots, actors/characters movement and camera angles.

Visual storytelling is at the heart of what I do, and I really enjoy the creative space between illustration and animation.

Key skills:

• Content creation: character design, storyboarding, illustration, and motion: animatics and 2D animation. Find out more on the main website

• Art direction and a high standard of communication skills in English, Italian and Spanish. Able to produce and deliver content for international markets in several languages, like these Plastics motion graphic videos in Italian, Spanish, French, German and Polish.

• Project management and great attention to details. Initiative and flexibility: can work solo on smaller projects or as part of a team, which of course is better to achieve bigger things!

Available for: freelance work on a per-project basis, but I will consider short/longer term contracts. Some of my existing characters and artwork are available for licensing.

Beta folio: please be patient, I’m still adding content to this portfolio :-)

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