Till Death Tear U Apart - drawing and Photoshop colour version.
Not my usual visual style or colours, but then again these were not normal times with your regular, trusted, positive interactions and happenings and events.
This one is dedicated to the burglar who broke into my studio and stole my equipment, broke my door and one of my large drawings on his way through my stuff, and dropped my inks over my books and comics and all over the floor. I’d like the bastard to meet this jolly fella when it’s his time, to get what is right, you and who tipped you off about our studios.
Maybe I will post online the CCTV of the burglar breaking into the building and I’ll make a music video or something creative with the footage, when I feel like it…
In the meantime I'll get back to work, double the efforts to recover, and get back to my usual, more positve style and creative projects. Peace and love to all the good folks, who are the majority.
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